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How to Get an ESA Letter for Free

In ESA Letter by Michael

It’s possible to get a letter for an emotional service animal (ESA) for free, or at least at a low cost. You DO NOT have to pay an online service for a letter. Of course, there are plenty of ways to spend money on an ESA letter. Due to the increasing popularity of emotional support animals, a lot of sites …

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Emotional Support Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dog: Are they the Same?

In Emotional Support Animal, Service Animal by Michael

Is an Emotional Support Dogs the same thing as a¬†Psychiatric Service Dog? No, definitely not. There are actually three terms that we need to distinguish here, because people often often confuse them: Service Dog Emotional Support Dog Psychiatric Support Dog. Though these three categories of helper dogs sound similar, they’re very difference. Service Dog Service dogs have special abilities to …

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Emotional Support Animals: Interview with a Clinical Psychologist

In Emotional Support Animal by Michael

Dr. Estevez, Psy.D. is a¬†Clinincal Psychologist with experience prescribing Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and working with patience who require them. 1) What are the requirements for having an ESA? The requirements for having an ESA include an individual being diagnosed with a mental health disorder (also known as a mental health disability) that prevents them from using or enjoying their …