Do you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal?

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Concerned about housing or travel restrictions for your animal? Get a prescription from a licensed mental health professional for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). You will be able to keep your animal companion with you while traveling, and rules on pets won’t apply to your companion animal.

With a letter from one of our mental health professionals, you will qualify for “no pets” or “limited pets” housing. Your animal will be allowed to fly in the cabin of an aircraft with you.

How to obtain an ESA letter:

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    Take the free assessment and get pre-approved

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    Choose whether you need a housing letter, a travel letter or both

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    Submit payment and one of our therapists will contact you by email or phone within 24 hours

In order to qualify for an ESA, the following conditions must be met:

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    Diagnosed Mental Health Disorder

    The main requirement for an ESA is that the person must be diagnosed with a mental health disorder by a mental health professional. The mental health conditions that can require an ESA vary widely, from depression or anxiety disorders, to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), insomnia or sleep disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders like Bipolar Disorder, etc.

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    A Letter from a Mental Health Professional

    The individual claiming ownership of an ESA must have a note from a mental health professional, physician or other medical professional stating that the person has a disorder and that he or she is more capable and better able to enjoy life through the presence of an ESA.

  • Take the survey to pre-qualify for an ESA letter.*

*Your privacy is very important to us. All answers are held in strict confidentiality, and only shared with a mental health professional upon purchase of an ESA consultation package.

Housing Letter

A housing letter allows you to keep your animal in housing where animals are banned or limited (by size, breed, etc). You also become exempt from pet fees.

Travel Letter

A travel letter indicating your need for an ESA lets you fly in a commercial aircraft with your animal accompanying you.

Housing & Travel Letter

This letter grants you privileges of both the housing and travel letter.

Housing and Travel Letter Consultation

Purchase a housing and/or travel letter consultation and a licensed mental health professional who will give you an assessment to determine if you qualify for an ESA. If so, you will immediately receive a signed letter via email stating that your animal an ESA, which secures your rights to keep the animal in your home and when traveling.

Quick Delivery

You will have your digital letter within 24 hours of qualifying. Your digital letter should suffice for all of your needs. Soon after, you will get a physical copy of your letter via USPS Priority Mail.

Money Back Guarantee
If you are not qualified for any reason, will refund your money, minus a $30 dollar service fee.

Housing Letter


Valid for one year
  • ESA Housing Letter shipped via USPS Express
  • ESA Housing Letter via email
  • Discounted renewals
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Travel Letter


Good for one year
  • ESA Travel Letter via USPS Express mail
  • ESA Travel Letter via email
  • Discounted renewals
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